Never embrace a fad, start your own !

Abstract :
– styles more and more become fads, and in a fad-led business, only the founders of the fad make it.

Another reason I didn’t want to embrace any previously existing style is that styles tend more and more to become fads, and unless you’re the one who started and made a fad popular, there are very little chances for you to get only close to the dream of being big one day.

The reason is simple : fads last less and less long as time goes by. If you embrace a fad, the time it takes to get to the top will (often by far) exceed the lifespan of the given fad. So to say, if you embrace a fad, be sure that the day you’ll be ready to get discovered, your style will already be outdated.

A fad is very easy to recognize. It’s a style defined by some very characteristic elements that were uncommon before and that suddenly appear in each and every track of that given style, so that that genre turns into a small prison where every track sounds the same. And thus leads to some rapid frustration.

Examples : In 1993-1995, there was the eurodance fad. Many tracks of that genre were produced, but only a few of the earliest ones remained.

Corona – The rhythm of the night – An eurodance anthem, still often played (and remixed) today.

Then in 1996 a new fad appeared : Dream house (or dream trance) music. A song started it all and is probably the only one in the memories from that age : Children by Robert Miles, altough by that time, many other producers embraced that “genre” that finally was no more than a fad.

Robert Miles – Children – the one and only dream track that stood the test of time.

And so on…

Nowadays (june 2016) (so called) deep house and tropical house genres are popular. But like everything that gets high in the pop culture, its fate is doomed and soon a very large mass of the fans who nowadays like those styles will turn to something else that will then be trendy, and turn their ears off the styles they loved.

Such music always go through the same cycle : Underground – Hype – hated. If you start while it’s unknown, you might be there when it will be hype. If you start while it’s hype, you’ll be there only to get hated by those who once cherished that style…

That’s what will probably happen to those genres. The best example nowadays is Tropical house. Be sure that Kygo‘s firestone will be the anthem of that genre, and thus producing tropical house nowadays is just… coming too late.

Firestone by Kygo – THE song that will pass the test of time as a definition of what will have been the mid 2010’s tropical house fad.

For Kygo, this is great news as with that one and only song he’ll still be booked in 20 or more years, and have his breakthrough track remixed over and over again. But for all those who tried – sometimes producing even better tracks – to follow his path, I’m sorry but I think an overwhelming majority of them are doomed to fail, despite the musical qualities of their productions. Simply because they were too late. The ones that make it on time become classics, the others fall into oblivion. It’s sad, but that’s how the show business works.

So rather than being a Kygo-alike, I prefer (and I advise you if you’re a producer too) becoming the (very hypothetical, I must admit) next Kygo, the guy that no one heard about before that suddenly makes it big with his own style. The chances at succeeding might be very thin, they are yet by far much bigger than they were if I had embraced another one’s style, especially a now overdone one.

Therefore, if you define your music your way like I did, it will only be outdated… after being hype ! So as long as I’ll not be on top of the charts, my musical style will remain virgin and I’ll be able to describe my music that way without being outdated. I’ll have been there while Green house was still Unknown, I still might be there when it will become hype… if it does !


Discovery : Xaanti

This time, we leave the continent on our everlasting talent scouting quest to meet the UK based producer Xaanti that offers us some great tropical house music that could turn that english producer into her majesty’s official Kygo ๐Ÿ™‚

The one, an excellent tropical house that was supported by DJ Quintino (Spinnin’ Records/DJ Mag Top 100) checks absolutely every points a potential tropical house hit has to offer : Nice synthesized marimba/panflute alike sounds ala Kygo, A great vocal, a nice relaxed melody and a perfectly clear production. Definitely the kind of song I’ld like hear on some beach party. Enjoy !

It’s followup, called Tonight is, to my opinion, even better. The sound is warmer (love that round bass that kinda reminds me of the famous DX7/TX7 lately/solid bass preset, a sound that really makes the magic of this great track), and the mix of the nice saxes, the great voice and the stellar production. The melody is very nice, with all the cute and happy feel such music has to convey, to wash your everydays worries away. Again a track that should be compulsory in every good feel good playlist, a track that gets you your daily dose of sunshine even through the dark rainy winter days. Great tropical stuff, Xaanti !

I hope you’ll enjoy that great relaxed stuff as much as I do ๐Ÿ™‚

Discovery : Jimss

Let’s head towards the eastern border of France to discover that new talented producer I discovered while browsing the soundcloud goldmine. Living in Strasbourg, Jimmy Tonussi aka Jimss kicks on the electronic music scene with some great house productions filled with wonderful postive summer vibes that should meet the requirements of anyone building his/her feelgood playlist.

Among his productions, two tracks he did stand out in my opinon : The moon and Enjoy the sun.

The moon features an incredible mashed up vocal samples melodic riff that gets directly to your heart and soul, and repeats itself throughout the track, sometimes played with different instruments, including a sax (I guess this must me the Korg M1 sax, as I hear several other M1 sounds, like the famous organ 2 throughout that track). A track that definitely shows the real power of a killer melody. The light beat behind it, with some nice percussion, adds the necessary rhythm to make this track a fantastic summer and good feel anthem. A pure audio gem for our sunthirsty ears. Congrats, Jimmy !

Enjoy the sun opens up with some nice warm synth stabs (that sound definitely like some sylenth1 stuff). Then a nice tropical house vibes kicks in, with some cool percussion elements and a light kick drum and again that M1 organ 2 patch that comes back in fashion nowadays. A nice track that carries a cool laid back feel, the kind of stuff you need when you want to enjoy the sun on a tropical beach, spiced up here and there by some nice melodic vocal samples. Maybe not as perfect as The moon – Jimss’s instant classic – Enjoy the sun is still an excellent follow up to this producer’s masterpiece.

Let me know if you enjoy Jimss’s music as I do…

…and promised, next time, I’m gonna take you somewhere out of France on my talentscouting journey ๐Ÿ˜‰

Discovery : Dune

Back to Paris for that new discovery. This time we’re heading towards the sandy universe of Dune (not the german happy hardcore act from the 90s!), a yet little known Deep / tropical house producer I like very much. Definitely one of the upcoming talents to watch.

Along a tropical house remix of Tim Berg (Avicii)’s Seek Bromance, Dune uploaded two great tropical house tracks featuring always excellent tropical mallet alike pizz sounds, a light but effective beat that takes you away, under the palms of a tropical beach.

While Dune might – maybe – need a vocalist to take it’s works on a further level (vocals play a more important role in tropical house than in more classic deep house I think), his productions (Nautilus and Curuba) are excellent both on the technical and artistical level as everything is in place and that the tracks really make you feel being on a beach on some distant island, a cocktail in one hand, your girl/boyfriend next to you, watching the waves break while the sunset paints the sky in fire. And that’s what makes this kind of music so great ๐Ÿ™‚

Definitely a producer worth following, as he might turn out to be France’s big surprises in the next few months.