Discovery : Sons of Maria

Let’s get some latin influences that time as we head towards Barcelona, Spain to discover s a project called Sons of Maria, signed by some a bit less latin label called Enormous tunes (which is a quite exact description of what the signature of that label sound like), based in Glattbrugg, Switzerland (un das ech jo Tip top! πŸ˜‰ )

After several nice releases, and amazing remixes for Nora en pure (a swiss deep house artist that will soon be reviewed here too I think πŸ˜‰ ), the Sons of Maria come back with a track called Feels like summer that really… feels like summer, and to be true it even feels like a potential international summer hit with every kind of possible feel good elements. From the happy whistled intro to the harmonicas (quite original for that kind of music) and of course the cool relaxed beat, this piece of music has just got everything to put a smile on your face and enjoy your friend the sun on a mediterranean beach.

Definitely a song that will take your worries away and get you in a positive vibe all through the day. Congrats, Sons of Maria for landing that sweet audio gem !


Discovery : Castiello

A DJ/producer with palmtrees on his official logo can only please me, especially when those really reflect the wonderful summer vibes that emanate from his excellent (progressive) house production. Summer freaks, our dutch friend Castiello is there to please our heatwave thirsty ears.

His music is a nice blend of progressive and some slight of tropical vibes that really take you there, on a sunny beach far, far away from our grey daily lives. While he uses the standard elements of such music (a strong beat, synth pizzes,…) his music is also spiced up with some electric guitars and an ethnic instrument here and there that makes his production a flawless and thrustworthy : Flying on air Castiello is the assurance for a great sonic holiday.

Two of his tracks, Florida dream and Belize caught especially my attention.

Florida dream is exactly what it’s title says. Sunny, relaxed, modern, full of good vibes. While the production is standard within the style – while perfectly executed – What else do we need to feel good ? Maybe the excellent electric guitar parts that really add to to coolness of that excellent track full of sunshine.

Belize, named after a little state between Mexico and Guatemala, on the Carribean coast in front of Cuba, really takes you there. It’s got a slight latin influence due to the use of (FM synthesized) guitars and marimbas in it’s arrangement. Again a very effective track to create the lovely evening at the beach feeling we all look after when we’re listening to such music.

To sum it all up, some great tracks for your summer parties by a producer definitely worth to follow.

Discovery : DJ Crillo & Black Snake

Our talentscouting journey takes us further north today, as I invite you to take a trip to Gothenburg, southern Sweden to meet Christian Eriksson aka DJ Crillo, Music Producer, Audio Consultant, Remixer and DJ who’s motto is to wish the funk to be with you.

On his new project, M. Erkisson teamed up with Milton Hebbert Watson (aka Black Snake), a Nicaraguayan painter, artist, composer and very talented singer, a co-op that shows that music has no border and that the cultural mix between the soul of that carribean singer and the famous swedish talent for hit music does again great. BTW, the story of Black Snake, and how that Nicaraguayan guy landed up in Sweden is well told on the duo’s blog, right here.

Sweden meets Nicaragua

Sweden meets Nicaragua

The music they do together is a smart mix of house and pop music, which puts bot the spotlight on Christian’s great melodic and producer abilities, with Black snake’s voice shining on top. Some elements – like the trance gate in tracks like Smiling dreams – have some nice 90s revival feel to them, and – somewhat – that duo have some 2k10’s Doctor Alban feel to their excellent work. Some people may call this too commercial, I just call it hit potential, not just on the commercial side, but also in its ability to catch your mind and soul.

On top is definitely the place that killer duo desserves as their music is really great stuff, hit after hit, a quality you rarely stumble upon while browsing the soundcloud goldmine.

Enough blah yet, better let their music speak for them… and believe me it does better than I ever could here !

Discovery : Xaanti

This time, we leave the continent on our everlasting talent scouting quest to meet the UK based producer Xaanti that offers us some great tropical house music that could turn that english producer into her majesty’s official Kygo πŸ™‚

The one, an excellent tropical house that was supported by DJ Quintino (Spinnin’ Records/DJ Mag Top 100) checks absolutely every points a potential tropical house hit has to offer : Nice synthesized marimba/panflute alike sounds ala Kygo, A great vocal, a nice relaxed melody and a perfectly clear production. Definitely the kind of song I’ld like hear on some beach party. Enjoy !

It’s followup, called Tonight is, to my opinion, even better. The sound is warmer (love that round bass that kinda reminds me of the famous DX7/TX7 lately/solid bass preset, a sound that really makes the magic of this great track), and the mix of the nice saxes, the great voice and the stellar production. The melody is very nice, with all the cute and happy feel such music has to convey, to wash your everydays worries away. Again a track that should be compulsory in every good feel good playlist, a track that gets you your daily dose of sunshine even through the dark rainy winter days. Great tropical stuff, Xaanti !

I hope you’ll enjoy that great relaxed stuff as much as I do πŸ™‚

Discovery : Jimss

Let’s head towards the eastern border of France to discover that new talented producer I discovered while browsing the soundcloud goldmine. Living in Strasbourg, Jimmy Tonussi aka Jimss kicks on the electronic music scene with some great house productions filled with wonderful postive summer vibes that should meet the requirements of anyone building his/her feelgood playlist.

Among his productions, two tracks he did stand out in my opinon : The moon and Enjoy the sun.

The moon features an incredible mashed up vocal samples melodic riff that gets directly to your heart and soul, and repeats itself throughout the track, sometimes played with different instruments, including a sax (I guess this must me the Korg M1 sax, as I hear several other M1 sounds, like the famous organ 2 throughout that track). A track that definitely shows the real power of a killer melody. The light beat behind it, with some nice percussion, adds the necessary rhythm to make this track a fantastic summer and good feel anthem. A pure audio gem for our sunthirsty ears. Congrats, Jimmy !

Enjoy the sun opens up with some nice warm synth stabs (that sound definitely like some sylenth1 stuff). Then a nice tropical house vibes kicks in, with some cool percussion elements and a light kick drum and again that M1 organ 2 patch that comes back in fashion nowadays. A nice track that carries a cool laid back feel, the kind of stuff you need when you want to enjoy the sun on a tropical beach, spiced up here and there by some nice melodic vocal samples. Maybe not as perfect as The moon – Jimss’s instant classic – Enjoy the sun is still an excellent follow up to this producer’s masterpiece.

Let me know if you enjoy Jimss’s music as I do…

…and promised, next time, I’m gonna take you somewhere out of France on my talentscouting journey πŸ˜‰

Discovery : Dune

Back to Paris for that new discovery. This time we’re heading towards the sandy universe of Dune (not the german happy hardcore act from the 90s!), a yet little known Deep / tropical house producer I like very much. Definitely one of the upcoming talents to watch.

Along a tropical house remix of Tim Berg (Avicii)’s Seek Bromance, Dune uploaded two great tropical house tracks featuring always excellent tropical mallet alike pizz sounds, a light but effective beat that takes you away, under the palms of a tropical beach.

While Dune might – maybe – need a vocalist to take it’s works on a further level (vocals play a more important role in tropical house than in more classic deep house I think), his productions (Nautilus and Curuba) are excellent both on the technical and artistical level as everything is in place and that the tracks really make you feel being on a beach on some distant island, a cocktail in one hand, your girl/boyfriend next to you, watching the waves break while the sunset paints the sky in fire. And that’s what makes this kind of music so great πŸ™‚

Definitely a producer worth following, as he might turn out to be France’s big surprises in the next few months.

Discovery : Delta

Another gem coming from France hits this blog. This time, 2 hours south of Paris, let’s take a trip to Lyon, one of France’s major cities to discover Delta, a nice producer (group of producers ?)Β  providing great music to our ears.

My personnal favorite is a track called Ain’t Nobody (feat Patricia Edwards) that features a nice blend of acoustic guitar, female vocals and a light but effective house beat. Unlike my two previous discoveries (16 bit lolitas and Croquet club), this producer (band ?) seems to work both with electronic / programmed and live stuff, blending the best of those two worlds together to create a nice, warm and organic sound, definitely radio ready.

A very interesting – but very secret – producer / band / whatever – that will for sure be the source of many great tracks in the months and years to come, making it definitely worth keeping an eye on him / them.

Again, Delta, if you want to be interviewed for this blog, just drop me a line about it πŸ™‚

(This invitation is valid for any artist in the deep / progressive / green house style, and in electronic music in general)


Discovery : Croquet club

Very little is known about that quite secret french producer. Actually except the real name of the man behind that project – Jeremy Villecourt – and the city he lives in – Paris, nothing is to be found about him online… except for his music. And what music !

Sonar X3 Quadcurve EQ

Croquet club is one of the most interesting projects to follow in the current deep house scene. Signed to Anjunadeep (again!), this french audiogenius provided me – and hopefully soon you too – with some of the best tunes I heard in the last years.

Careless love is as simple and magic as it’s cover artwork. Slow paced, it starts with some minimalistic plucks, then builds into a light beat supported by pads and then some delightfully loungy vocals kick in, just before a nice rhodes piano alike sound fills up the soundscape. A lovely soft atmosphere merging the best of the wonderful 70s music and its contemporary avatar. An ideal song for a cozy, yet modern atmosphere.

But Jeremy’s masterpiece – to my ears atleast – is his amazing Only you can tell release, which is one of the greatest tracks I heard in the last years, the kind of music that makes you literally feel like being in paradise. Starting off with some heavily sidechained pads that play throughout the track, a light beat then comes in, a delightfully haunting vocal line and some nice muted guitars that play a kind of arpeggio throughout a track that builds up more and more, breaking once again the boundaries of the genre and setting us free from the chains our daily life put on us. 4 minutes and 31 seconds of pure audiopleasure I’m glad to share with you :

Enjoy that club, folks !

P.S. : I searched and searched the internet for an interview of Croquet Club but found none. If some of you know one, please let me know. And if none is available, Jeremy is always welcome to contact me and we’ll find a way to arrange you that interview that will be made available here πŸ™‚

Discovery : 16 bit lolitas

OK, this discovery isn’t really a discovery – in the term of being a new, emerging talent I might have discovered before anyone else – as they are some of the biggest stars on the well established UK deep house label Anjunadeep. However, as they are still not as famous as Justin Bieber (altough they’re way better than him!), let me introduce that fantastic duo.

Don’t let yourself fooled by their name – those guys are no ‘lolitas’ ! Ariaan Olieroock and Peter Kriek, two Producers / DJ from Amsterdam (The Netherlands), working under the project name 16 bit lolitas, produce some of the finest deep house around, often breaking the boundaries of the genre (which is the trademark of all artists with a strong vision), always trying to take their art a bit further, while remaining accessible to a mainstream audiance.

Among my favorite tracks of that legendary duo are Beat Organ and Premium Emo.

Beat organ is to me what a great deep house release should be : Simple, with a strong idea, and still evolving while building something emotionally strong. In their case, those stabs, most probably done in Sylenth1,Β  that are introduced at 00:16 of the original mix, with a nice delay effect over it. Nothing fancy you might say, but that’s where the magic of that track is : those two guys managed to make this simple gimmick very strong by all the little elements that come in here and there. Glide pads, little arps, a reverbed bass (again a non conventional approach to that instrument), and a simple beat. In other words, a track that perfectly embodies the expression “simple but efficient”, resulting in a deep house milestone. Congrats, guys !

Premium emo, from the Deep in my soul EP, is my favorite track from that duo, as it features some strong melodies that make this track break even more away from the traditionnal deep house. Actually this track sounds like Coldplay or the Joshua tree era U2 meeting deep house vibes for a perfect feel good sunset track, the kind of music you’ld like to enjoy while being with your girl/boyfriend on the perfect tropical beach, watching the sunset. A track that embodies that simple but ultimate bliss feel such great moments can provide.

Various of melodic lines blending themselves perfectly one into another form that masterpiece which is on top of my feelgood playlist. No wonder I would for sure have been ultra mega giga happy I’ld have come up with something only 1/1000th as good as this.

But more than words, let the music speak for itself :

I hope you’ll enjoy that genius Deep house duo as much as I enjoy them πŸ™‚ !