Get discovered !

You produce some deep house / electronic pop … music providing your audience’s ears with positive vibes ?
Wanna make it to the discoveries and then to the interview section of this blog ?
Wanna have some serious ears listen to your production with care and put the spotlight on it if it’s good enough ?

This page is for you ! Let me know your project and I’ll listen to it and either write an article about you, or atleast send you an e-mail telling you why you didn’t make it to my selection.

In other words I’ll to the talentscouting work every good A&R has to do on a daily basis.

All you need is to fill in the form, and to have great music online on some service that allows embedding on this blog (ie soundcloud, youtube,…), no matter on what kind of label you’re on : unsigned, signed by an indie or a major company. So yes, I’ll listen to everything, from the bedroom producer to the major label artist.

As a guideline, I’ll give you here just a few (famous) tracks that would definitely have made it there if they had been submitted via this form (non exhaustive list).

16 bit lolitas – Beat organ
Chicane – Offshore
Coldplay – Up & up
Croquet club – Only you can tell
Dario G – Sunchyme
Ferry Corsten – A day without rain
Klingande – Jubel
Kylie Minogue – I believe in you

Dexed synth (DX7 emulation)