From big stars to unknown producers… who may become tomorrow’s stars ! Here comes a list of all the tracks and/or producers I discovered browsing the web. I hope you’ll enjoy their works as I do.

The artists (in alphabetical order) :

16 bit lolitas (The Netherlands)[Solstize’s review]
Beat organ
Premium Emo

Castiello (The Netherlands)[Solstize’s review]
Florida dream

Croquet club (France)[Solstize’s review]
Careless love
Only you can tell

Delta (France)[Solstize’s review]
Ain’t nobody

Dj Crillo & Black Snake (Sweden)[Solstize’s review]
On the wall (in my mind)
Smiling dreams
Just a minute

Dune (France)[Solstize’s review]
Nautilus (original mix)

Jimss (France)  – [Solstize’s review]
The moon
Enjoy the sun

Sons of Maria (Spain)[Solstize’s review]
Feels like summer

Xaanti (UK)[Solstize’s review]
The one

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