Why do I have a “Discoveries” section

Some might wonder why this blog, which is my blog as a producer, contains a large ‘discoveries‘ and ‘interview‘ section that is all dedicated to… other artists, whereas regular producer’s blog only focus on their one and only work.

The reason is quite simple : Over the years, with all the sound and video hosting services available (soundcloud, youtube,…), with all the affordable software which enables every bedroom producer to indeed produce world class productions (provided they’re talentful enough), the internet has become a jungle with zillions and zillions of tracks.

Some of them are awesome, some of them are great, the vast majority is average or less. Yet still, finding the good ones, or atleast the ones that feel like you like them to feel, is the tricky part as there is no good search engine available online that finds you what you didn’t even know you were looking for…

Thus many people gave up looking for good music and got back to pre-internet habits, listening only to the very few hits that get the all the major radiostation airplay.

That’s where that part comes in. The discovery section of that blog is a – very personnal, I admit it – roadmap through this jungle, the hitchhiker’s guide to the (musical) galaxy, with one and only guarantee : if you like my music, you’ll like theirs too.

In other words, this section is there to encourage people not only to listen to the global hits, but also to discover yet unknown artists that could be tomorrow’s big stars. By doing this, I’m doing the talentscout work every good A&R does : always look for new exciting stuff fitting to my tastes, and share those discoveries with you.

I hope you’ll like the acts/bands/artists/producers/projects I have discovered… and those I will discover.

BTW, if you think your music should be reviewed on that blog, feel free to fill in the get discovered ! form and let me discover your amazing work !

Sylenth1 in action


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