Why didn’t I embrace an existing genre ?

Abstract :
– Genres are prisons… so rather build your own rather than let you get jailed into another one.
– Great genres get recuperated by the mainstream pop culture and often lose their identity by this process.

There are many genres of music around, and those genres have subgenres, and those subgenres even more subgenres… why did I decide to add another leaf to that already heavy tree by “inventing” the “green house” music style ?

The answer is quite simple : by inventing my genre, I invent my rules, and do not have to submit myself to rules other have defined. In other words, this turns me into a trendsetter rather than into a follower. Of course, my music isn’t born from nowhere and has roots in many previously existing styles : deep house, ambient, trance, pop… plus my little personnal touch. Thus you can say green house lives a bit where all those genres meet.

Yet to make this successful my music had to be slightly different from the rest and it is. Reasons why will be discussed in an upcoming post called “What is green house music ?

By definining my music as green house, I thus avoid all the sterile specialists debates whether I am or I am not in the genre I pretend to be. And those debates bore me to death. Some (sub)genres are that defined that its almost impossible to create something new in that framework. Thus setting myself free from some too rigid rules simply gives me the air I need to have my music breathing.

The other issue is that some genres that inspired me got their names recuperated by the  mainstream. Don’t get me wrong on this : if a genre really gets mainstream, that’s 100% ok to me… but if the name of a genre with some serious street credibility like deep house is used to describe something else, the genre loses its credibility in the underground spheres without fooling anyone nor getting underground respect for the mainstream song that “steals” the style name.

For example, some press say Julian Peretta‘s song “Miracle” were deep house music… to my ear it’s definitely no deep house, but rather a great electronic pop track !

Miracle by Julian Peretta

By calling “Miracle” deep house, it frustrates every real deep house fan in the world, and this fustration can cause some serious harm to what in fact is a great electronic pop track.

Loyal deep house fans will feel frustrated as the image the mainstream audiance will habe of their favorite genre will be biased. Some more hardcore freaks will even complain that their once niche style, that only them and a few other diehard underground fans knew, will get too “commercialized” and then turn itself into a fad, that the style they like will be turned into a soon has-been style… without even being recognized for what it really is.

It will also frustrate the mainstream audiance, who likes that “Miracle” song, and who’ll then google for more deep house, find some genuine one… but it won’t be what they will expect, as they won’t find miracle-alike songs in that genre.

This is some real deep house !

In other words, such moves will frustrate almost everybody. Another example that shows that Albert Camus was right when he said that “naming things poorly adds trouble to the world”.

By saying my music is Green house and by defining the genre, I avoid being caught by the guardians of musical orthodoxy. Yep green house isn’t coming out of nowhere, its got it’s origins in deep house, ambient, trance and pop music… but also deep in my heart and soul !

In other words : I invented a word to describe myself… that can’t be wrong as it’s defined by itself !


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