Discovery : Sons of Maria

Let’s get some latin influences that time as we head towards Barcelona, Spain to discover s a project called Sons of Maria, signed by some a bit less latin label called Enormous tunes (which is a quite exact description of what the signature of that label sound like), based in Glattbrugg, Switzerland (un das ech jo Tip top! 😉 )

After several nice releases, and amazing remixes for Nora en pure (a swiss deep house artist that will soon be reviewed here too I think 😉 ), the Sons of Maria come back with a track called Feels like summer that really… feels like summer, and to be true it even feels like a potential international summer hit with every kind of possible feel good elements. From the happy whistled intro to the harmonicas (quite original for that kind of music) and of course the cool relaxed beat, this piece of music has just got everything to put a smile on your face and enjoy your friend the sun on a mediterranean beach.

Definitely a song that will take your worries away and get you in a positive vibe all through the day. Congrats, Sons of Maria for landing that sweet audio gem !


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