Discovery : DJ Crillo & Black Snake

Our talentscouting journey takes us further north today, as I invite you to take a trip to Gothenburg, southern Sweden to meet Christian Eriksson aka DJ Crillo, Music Producer, Audio Consultant, Remixer and DJ who’s motto is to wish the funk to be with you.

On his new project, M. Erkisson teamed up with Milton Hebbert Watson (aka Black Snake), a Nicaraguayan painter, artist, composer and very talented singer, a co-op that shows that music has no border and that the cultural mix between the soul of that carribean singer and the famous swedish talent for hit music does again great. BTW, the story of Black Snake, and how that Nicaraguayan guy landed up in Sweden is well told on the duo’s blog, right here.

Sweden meets Nicaragua

Sweden meets Nicaragua

The music they do together is a smart mix of house and pop music, which puts bot the spotlight on Christian’s great melodic and producer abilities, with Black snake’s voice shining on top. Some elements – like the trance gate in tracks like Smiling dreams – have some nice 90s revival feel to them, and – somewhat – that duo have some 2k10’s Doctor Alban feel to their excellent work. Some people may call this too commercial, I just call it hit potential, not just on the commercial side, but also in its ability to catch your mind and soul.

On top is definitely the place that killer duo desserves as their music is really great stuff, hit after hit, a quality you rarely stumble upon while browsing the soundcloud goldmine.

Enough blah yet, better let their music speak for them… and believe me it does better than I ever could here !


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