Discovery : Xaanti

This time, we leave the continent on our everlasting talent scouting quest to meet the UK based producer Xaanti that offers us some great tropical house music that could turn that english producer into her majesty’s official Kygo 🙂

The one, an excellent tropical house that was supported by DJ Quintino (Spinnin’ Records/DJ Mag Top 100) checks absolutely every points a potential tropical house hit has to offer : Nice synthesized marimba/panflute alike sounds ala Kygo, A great vocal, a nice relaxed melody and a perfectly clear production. Definitely the kind of song I’ld like hear on some beach party. Enjoy !

It’s followup, called Tonight is, to my opinion, even better. The sound is warmer (love that round bass that kinda reminds me of the famous DX7/TX7 lately/solid bass preset, a sound that really makes the magic of this great track), and the mix of the nice saxes, the great voice and the stellar production. The melody is very nice, with all the cute and happy feel such music has to convey, to wash your everydays worries away. Again a track that should be compulsory in every good feel good playlist, a track that gets you your daily dose of sunshine even through the dark rainy winter days. Great tropical stuff, Xaanti !

I hope you’ll enjoy that great relaxed stuff as much as I do 🙂


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