Discovery : Delta

Another gem coming from France hits this blog. This time, 2 hours south of Paris, let’s take a trip to Lyon, one of France’s major cities to discover Delta, a nice producer (group of producers ?)  providing great music to our ears.

My personnal favorite is a track called Ain’t Nobody (feat Patricia Edwards) that features a nice blend of acoustic guitar, female vocals and a light but effective house beat. Unlike my two previous discoveries (16 bit lolitas and Croquet club), this producer (band ?) seems to work both with electronic / programmed and live stuff, blending the best of those two worlds together to create a nice, warm and organic sound, definitely radio ready.

A very interesting – but very secret – producer / band / whatever – that will for sure be the source of many great tracks in the months and years to come, making it definitely worth keeping an eye on him / them.

Again, Delta, if you want to be interviewed for this blog, just drop me a line about it 🙂

(This invitation is valid for any artist in the deep / progressive / green house style, and in electronic music in general)



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